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My Very First

My very first piece of furniture that I painted was a table that my Grandma had given me. She is a very cool lady, and said she wouldn’t mind if I painted it. Apparently, she didn’t like it all that well anyway, but only kept it because her cousin had given it to her. It was all okay since it was still “in the family.”

This isn’t exactly a “before” picture because I had already begun stripping the top, but you get the idea. It was the same as the sides, but with a ton of scratches.

This was the first time I had stripped anything, and it wasn’t too difficult. It did, however, hurt like heck! I accidentally got it all over my arm and it felt like it was burning my skin off (it probably was). Once I got it down to the wood, I sanded it nice and smooth with my husband’s electric sander.

I had been dying to try something I saw on this blog, where she stenciled the top of her kitchen table and then stained it. I am so glad that I tried that! I love it!

I taped off the edges, and used a mini roller and some paint from Lowes on my stencil.

Once I had stenciled the entire table and waited for it to dry, I stained the top using Minwax Dark Walnut. I WAS SO EXCITED! It looked exactly like I had imagined that it would! I used a paint brush to apply the stain, and then a paper towel to take off the extra.

I love how the stain made the paint color pop! I was pleased with how it turned out.

I then painted the rim around the top in ASCP’s Florence, and the sides of the table in the same color as the top. On the bottom of the table, since it shows, I painted it the same color as the rim.

It didn’t quite look right to me, the top being so dark and the sides looking so pastel. So what did I do? I stained the sides and bottom as well! I applied the stain the same way as the top, and wiped off the majority, but on the edge I left a bit more on.

Here it is! In all it’s glory! Did I forget to mention that it has the coolest shape in the world!

Here is a view of the side. See what I mean about leaving the stain on thick in some areas?


I just liked this image because it shows a nice close up of the details.

Isn’t it a beauty! I am in love with how it turned out! I literally can’t wait to put it in my living room. Best coffee table ever!

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11 thoughts on “My Very First

  1. What a beautiful transformation – loving it!!!

  2. I especially love the top of your table with the stained wood showing through the damask stencil….fabulous!

  3. Dearest Kirsten, you have a new avid reader:) I love you dearest cousin!

  4. This turned out really cool! Kind of modern-Moroccan!

  5. Kathy on said:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! 🙂

  6. Gloria on said:

    Great minds think alike! I have a table similar to yours I had gotten from my sis that she had gotten when she was a newlywed. I did a similar treatment on it. I love how yours turned out!! I had the same feeling about the legs looking too light compared to the top. Yours makes me feel more confident about my decision to lightly stain the legs. Thanks. 🙂

  7. I love every single thing about this table, absolutely beautiful!

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