Made For A King

Best Surprise Ever

I had THE BEST weekend! For a lot of reasons!

First: I got a paid vacation for the first time in my life. Me and my husband got to leave on Wednesday for Palmyra, New York and I was paid for three days of hanging out with my family instead of sitting at my desk!

Second: I got to see most of my family! I hadn’t seen any of my siblings since the wedding, so that was really great. I did see my mom when she came up to help my Grandma move two weeks ago, but it was still great to see her! My Grandma even came! My older brother didn’t come, and my dad couldn’t because he had to work.

Third: It was nice to go back to Palmyra with my now husband (that is where we met). It has a lot of significance for us. It was nice to recreate special moments while we were there.

FOURTH: THE GREATEST SURPRISE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! As previously mentioned, my dad wasn’t supposed to be able to come to Palmyra this year. I cried for days when he told me that, because it meant I wouldn’t see him until at least Christmas – and maybe not even then. My dad is very sneaky, and he flew up to surprise us. Even though he said it was to see both me and my mom, I think it was really for me. I burst into tears the minute I saw him. It was the most wonderful thing ever. We spent the rest of the weekend together. I love my family so much.



Anyways! I’ve been working on two really cute chairs, all they need now is new fabric. Also, I just bought a china cabinet on Craigslist and a beautiful dresser at an auction. Fun posts coming up!


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