Made For A King

Another Family Heirloom

All growing up, at the bottom of my Grandmother’s stairs, was the fanciest mirror I had ever seen. I coveted that mirror. It was like a princess would have, I thought.

Fast forward years later, me and my husband go up to help my Grandma move. We are going through things, making piles. Keep, Sell, and Give Away. I watch her try to decide with this mirror that I had always admired growing up. Where does it end up? Give away pile!

I ask Gramma if I can have it and she says she doesn’t care one way or the other. I ask her if I can paint it, she says sure.

Now, I don’t have a proper before picture as I should. But picture a regal looking golden mirror, lots of curves and details. Then imagine it being plastic. This princess mirror I had thought was beautiful  growing up wasn’t so much my style now. My mom thought it was a little tacky. I decided to paint it using a variety of chalk paint colors. Paris Grey and Duck Egg from ASCP and Destin Gulf Green from CeCe Caldwell. I love it.

It is so much more “me” now!


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4 thoughts on “Another Family Heirloom

  1. Love the color and it.

  2. I adore Grandmother’s mirror! What a terrific color!

  3. I love that I can see the house, land and outbuilding in your mirrors reflection. It gives me a little glimpse of your life.

    Thanks for visting my blog, I always
    appreciate the visit and the “like.”

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

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