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One Man’s Trash..

My husband knows me so well! He sees two chairs on the side of the road and automatically thinks of me. I love that.

These chairs, though, were really nasty. It smelled a bit like the people who threw them out had a lot of cats. They were dusty and cob-webby and overall really gross. I saw potential, though. And I was really excited.

They were pretty beat up. One leg already had some paint on it. We had to clean the cushions because they were gross and they smelled. My sister-in-law helped me paint them white. It took THREE COATS!

I am not sure why I put the nasty cushions back on for the photo. But you get the idea, we painted them white. Distressing them took me WEEKS. I just had other things I wanted to do, and it made my arm tired, and it was hot. I was being a baby about it. I finished them rather quickly, however, when my husband got an electric sander for his birthday!

Here they are all distressed. I think they look great! But those seats… ew! Those are awful. Can you tell they keep getting dirtier? That is what happens when they sit in the garage for two months. Let’s cover them up with some pretty fabric, yes?

Me and BJ got this beautiful fabric at JoAnns for half off. Didn’t even measure, just bought the rest of what they had hoping it would be enough. It was!

I may have went a little overboard with the distressing, but I love how they turned out. And the fabric is perfect. Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.


There they are! Finally done. It was a long time coming, but worth the wait.








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5 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash..

  1. Loooove the fabric you chose! Nice DIY!

  2. The new version looks sooo much better! Great choice for fabric and color!

  3. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. on said:

    Such pretty chairs and I love the fabric choice! Great rescue!

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