Made For A King

My dad, the hero!

My husband and I bought a piece of furniture off Craigslist about two weeks ago. I had found a china cabinet for only forty dollars! I could see that it was in need of serious repair, but I could also see how great it would turn out. I sent my husband and brother-in-law to pay the man and bring it home.

I have been a little preoccupied and didn’t have time to touch it until this past weekend. For the first time, I actually looked at this piece of furniture and realized with a sinking feeling in my stomach that this was going to be A MAJOR OVERHAUL. And also, that it might not even be worth it.

The cabinet is not real wood, definitely particle board. It came in two pieces, and as soon as we had them separated I could see the water damage that had ruined the veneer. The particle board was bubbling and so I thought I could sand it down to make it smoother to paint. Sadly, I was mistaken!

The bottom of the cabinet was looking so cute, but the top was hideous. It was very rough and paint only accentuated that. I didn’t know what to do and I was so distraught.

When on the phone with my dad yesterday, I mentioned how much of a problem it was giving me and he had the perfect solution.

Durham’s Rock Hard Putty. My dad does a LOT of home improvement, and he knows his stuff. He told me that if I mix that up to the consistency of peanut butter and spread it on the top, it would dry and I could sand it. “Smoother than a baby’s butt, Kirsten” is what he told me. And he was right! I thought I was ruining it even further, but then I sanded it down and it came off so easily! It is perfect.


I can’t wait until the whole thing is done and I can post it. He saved not only my life, but that awful piece of furniture as well!


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