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I’ve been featured!

This weekend, my husband and I went with his family to an ox roast. We stayed at the farm, and there is absolutely no cell reception, internet, or connection to the outside world of any kind. It was nice and relaxing, the food was fantastic, and I read two books while I was there! It was a nice little vacation from the outside world.

This evening, when I came back to real life, I plugged in my phone and had ZERO missed calls or texts. I got on facebook and didn’t have any missed notifications. I checked my email to see if anyone had sent me something (other than DSW, Nordstrom, or Downeast). I had nothing! It seemed kind of funny to me.

I checked my blog, and had four hundred views while I was gone this weekend! I thought, “how could that be? I haven’t posted anything in over a week…” Then I saw it. I had been featured.

I found this really awesome blog, it is called Better After. The girl who writes it, Lindsey, takes all of her favorite before/after projects that people send her and writes about them on her blog. I stumbled on her website by chance and I was in love! The before and after pictures are the best part of any blog! She is also very funny when she writes, so it is interesting to read as well. I emailed her a couple of my pictures a few weeks ago and she emailed me back right away. She was very friendly and said she would be happy to feature my projects and that she really liked my coffee table.

Exciting things are happening around here! The ox roast. My blog being featured. My birthday is on Wednesday. I am almost finished with that stupid china hutch. I get to see my mom this weekend! Life is good.


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5 thoughts on “I’ve been featured!

  1. What a fun surprise. Very cute redo by you!
    Her site was a new visit for me.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Congrats Kirst! You are so big time, and I am glad you are so happy! P.S. Did they actually shoot an ox and then roast it and eat it?!
    Love you!

  3. That site is awesome! great job, girl!

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