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The last two weeks of my life:

HAVE BEEN INSANE! But in the best way.

The reason I haven’t done any makeover projects lately is because I have been so busy working on Bridgeport High School’s The Drowsy Chaperone. I had such an amazing time, but it was really crazy.

Living here in West Virginia, but still attending school at BYU, I needed hours for the special projects class I am taking. I volunteered with costumes and I helped to paint the set.

During the run of the shows and during the dress rehearsals, I would also help with hair and makeup. It was so fun! And they did such an amazing job! I loved watching the show every night.

Here are some pictures of what I did on the set!

We scumbled the walls, to make it look like an old dirty apartment, and then I painted the bricks outside the window so it looked like an old dirty apartment in New York!

It looked really good from thirty feet away, which is what you go for in theatre!


And here is a picture of the two cute, old people in the play that I did makeup for every night.

Have a nice day!



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2 thoughts on “The last two weeks of my life:

  1. Hayley Whittier on said:

    That is so cool Kirsten!! Everything looks great!!

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