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Quick Tip: Toothpaste to fix water damage!

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, or will ever happen to you… But water damage on wood can turn white and discolored and leave an ugly spot. Like sometimes when you set down a glass of water on a wood surface, it leaves a white ring?

The same sort of thing happened to me on a much larger scale. My darling husband put a towel on my coffee table, and ironed his shirt! When I picked the towel up, I saw huge white spots all over my table!

Ruined. Maybe?

I thought it was ruined! I was so angry, and also sad. I called my dad to see what he would recommend (he is a genius) and he told me to look online. He said it could be one of two things: water damage which can turn white like what I described and for which there are home remedies, or heat damage and I would probably have to redo the whole thing.

I frantically searched the internet for anything. Most of the suggestions weren’t things I owned off-hand, but I did have toothpaste! (non-gel) The website explained that if massaged lightly onto the surface, it would open up the finish and release the water that was trapped there?

Sounded weird to me, but why not? What could it hurt?


2013-02-08 12.08.15

I took the only non-gel toothpaste I had, and a wet rag and gently rubbed in small circles where my coffee table was discolored. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I was hoping! It didn’t take very long at all, maybe two minutes on each spot. It was a miracle!


Just like new! No white spots!

Your husband probably won’t use your nice wood as an ironing board. But it is possible that someone might leave a water ring or two, and toothpaste works like a charm!

I just had to share! Have a great day!


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11 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Toothpaste to fix water damage!

  1. THANK YOU!!! It really does work you are a superstar and your dad!

  2. Good to know for future reference. I think I would have killed my husband, but at least your irons his own shirts:)

    • HAHA Christy! That killed me. I wanted to kill him, I was so mad. I sent him the picture with the white spots and all he said was “ouch.” But I had a couple hours before he got home to cool off, and I had fixed it. So it worked out for him.

  3. It works to remove lipstick from fabric too! My daughter had a lipstick fall out of her purse onto the fabric seat of her car. We live in Florida so it melted quite nicely in about an 8-10 inch streak. (Dark reddish pink!) We read online to use non gel toothpaste. It removed it completely! I took pictures of the before and after. We couldn’t believe it! Yay for Arm and Hammer Baking Soda toothpaste!

  4. Such a great tip! Thanks so much for research and solution and harming the husband!
    Smiles, Alice

  5. Good to know…Sound like something my hubby would do…except there’s no reason to iron T-Shirts. 🙂 Pinning to my helpful hints board…just in case.

  6. This is a great trick! I have picked up wooden furniture pieces in the past with water marks. I have sanded them off thinking that was my only choice. Next time I will save myself a lot of time and energy and use my toothpaste 🙂

  7. Great tip! I do a lot of painted furniture for my business but now and then I think something needs to be left natural…this is a great solution for the pieces I have with stains! Thanks!

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