Made For A King



My name is Kirsten King. I am a twenty-something newlywed and my time is spent working, going to school, being a wife, and finding time to paint in between all that!

I love my new married life. My husband is great. I like my job. Going to BYU for Theatre Education is so fun. I’ve always been fairly artistic – which is a good thing as I am not gifted in any other area. Looking at Pinterest and reading other’s blogs really got me interested in refinishing furniture and decorations. It is my dream to be like my idol, Miss Mustard Seed, and run a successful business the way she does.

My blog’s main purpose is to document my DIY projects. There will be some Before & Afters, some Tutorials, some Exciting Finds, and most likely some Blunders along the way. There will also probably be some posts about my life, awkward stories and the hilarity that is guaranteed with that.

I am a DIY enthusiast, theatre ed major, home-maker, dreamer, furniture “refinisher,” and thrift store junkie. I believe that furniture deserves a second chance, and that a little paint can make the world beautiful.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Kirsten. You are too cute. Loved scrolling through your blog today. Keep it up. LOVE it. 😀

  2. Hi there! This may sound weird but I thought it was neat: I had to call bluehost for a technical issue and your husband helped me through it. We were on the topic of blogging and he told me your blog name and I’ve been here before!!! I check you out every now and then. So it was neat to “meet” your husband! I feel like I know you now! Anyway, love your blog! Have a good night!

    • Oh my gosh my husband was JUST telling me that same story when I checked this! How funny! I think that is really awesome that you are starting a blog, too! You’ll have to send me a link, I’d love to check it out! I did actually switch pages though, you should look at my new one. (my husband made it WAY nicer!)
      I’m excited about it but my last three posts haven’t switched over yet so I haven’t been on in way too long.

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